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    Tips for Finding a Suitable Accommodation in Istanbul

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    Tips for Finding a Suitable Accommodation in Istanbul Empty Tips for Finding a Suitable Accommodation in Istanbul

    Post by jacktandy00 Wed Jul 11, 2018 10:25 am

    Moving always isn’t easy especially when you are moving to somewhere like Istanbul where you have no idea where to search for an apartment. You try browsing through internet sites but still if you reach a point of extreme frustration, you’re not alone. Well, you don’t worry in that case real estate Istanbul has something to offer.

    Estate agents called ‘Emlak’ are the best means of finding accommodation in Istanbul. Some newspapers, for example ‘Hurriyet’ allocates an entire section to rentals, properties and houses for sale in Turkey. Another option is online rental accommodation sites. Search for your desired apartment or accommodation solution by specifying short-term or long-term apartments or accommodation in Istanbul. You can also look for sites that offer clear information and guidance and check their trustworthiness and knowledge by asking relevant questions.

    It usually depends on an individual’s budget and requirements to find apartments in market. The best budget you have the faster opportunities of owning a desired accommodation you will find. As the search process could take from two weeks to two months. Do not rely on starting your search for accommodation with an estate agent because many of them cannot offer assistance in your language. Start your search before moving to Istanbul. You can search for a reliable apartment easily by finding someone who has language abilities but you have to be clear about your budget, requirements, preferred location and other important details regarding your hunt for the apartment.

    As the only city in the world spanning two continents, Istanbul presents several options. Some of them are:

    Beşiktaş is just one of them. Beşiktaş is a full of life with great access to public transportation. It is close to many Bosporus neighborhoods including Bebek, Arnavutköy, and Ortaköy as well as Nişantaşı and Beyoğlu. It is also lined with tacky restaurants and shops but in the neighborhood’s chaos, many foreign residents have found, in addition to low-priced apartments the buildings are generally new and also offer wide space.

    Galata is just another option for you. It used to be a quiet neighborhood with artisan shop but several art galleries have popped up in recent years, leading to a vibrant art scene. It takes the residents close to Istanbul’s nightlife. Its history is reflected in the old building. Although the rooms are spacious with high ceilings and great width. The only drawback is that you won’t find supermarkets around Galata but the small markets will offer a variety of products. The best thing about Galata is its closeness to public transportation (especially the subway line) which serves as a practice area for those without a car, however, the area is quite hilly.

    Cihangir is not different than Galatians in terms of its popularity for Istanbul’s art set. Cihangir has attracted some of Istanbul’s most well-known artists, including soap opera stars, novelists, and painters due to its breathtaking view of the sea but it does not offer the view only, but also it has a lot of residents for them. Cihangir is a home leads to an interesting mix of crowds in local restaurants. Cihangir has undergone some actual development and therefore you can see some very high rents in the area but with one can find a good deal in this area if they have the right amount of luck. And if you’re really lucky there are good possible chances of finding an apartment in a historical building with seaside windows and balconies which offer stunning views. Even if you fail to acquire one of these apartments then the bustling social scene, the great restaurants, and the proximity to Taksim Square will be enough.

    Kadıköy is actually my personal favorite in Turkey real estate because it is quieter and slower in pace. Although it is largely residential, small cafes and restaurants lining the streets give some feeling of bustle to this Asian neighborhood. It offers apartments with low rental rates and diverse range of options in room size with great wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling space including apartments with front- and back-side gardens add to residents’ feeling of living in a quainter it certainly is the neighborhood that gives its residents the most bang for their buck. It is quite easy to access the rest of Istanbul as the area is very close to ferry stops and other public transports.

    Istanbul’s most modern neighborhood is Etiler because it boasts the perks of many Western cities with its malls, sports clubs, and modern apartment buildings. Etiler is one of the expensive districts in real estate Istanbul to live in as it is situated close to Levent, Istanbul’s business district, Etiler makes itself a sensible option for anyone interested in Istanbul investment. There are new apartment buildings in the area which offer its residents large spaces and close proximity to a wide variety of restaurants and businesses.

    Another great location can be Zekeriyaköy which offers the most modern apartments and houses for sale in Turkey. It is a quiet and green locality on the northern seacoast of Istanbul, providing the ultimate suburban lifestyle. The modern villas on the town’s skirts are occupied by some celebrities and influential businessmen. This makes Zekeriyaköy an ideal location for anyone wanting to mingle with the celebrities.

    Kemerburgaz is located approximately 30 minutes away from central Istanbul is actually Istanbul’s first neighborhood with an American suburbia-like environment. The area has grown and turned into a full-blown suburban town with a wide range of cafes, restaurants, and sports facilities that make Kemer a self-sufficient and highly attractive area, especially for young families.

    In all the neighborhoods mentioned in the list, you can expect to find a two-bedroom apartment and houses for sale in Turkey especially in Istanbul it starts at around Euro 45,000. The quality of the apartment for this price, however, it differs from place to place it’s not same for all areas for example apartment in Galata is likely to be quite small and old, whereas the same price will get you a clean, modern, and spacious apartment in Beşiktaş or Kadıköy. In most of these neighborhoods (especially Cihangir, Galata, Etiler, and Kemerburgaz), you’ll witness generally higher prices for apartments with incredible views, and you can easily observe the price changing from low to high.


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