- Remove param from SuggestionsQueryThread keywords
- Remove error callback from SuggestionsQueryThread - Print error in SuggestionsQueryThread, not use for this messages.
- YouTubeSearch: remove class GoogleSuggestions - Move getSuggestions to class GoogleSuggestionsConfigText
- Always assign the searchRegion and searchLanguage in GoogleSuggestionsConfigText initn
Why to call twice config value? Better assign a blank value.
- Small typo change in YouTubeVirtualKeyBoard
- Some PEP8 style fixes in YouTubeSearch - Remove spaces around the = sign when used to indicate a keyword argument or a default parameter value.
- Remove not used keywords in GoogleSuggestionsConfigText
- Add YouTubeVirtualKeyBoard - This allow show suggestions in VirtualKeyBoard header
- Remove comments in Hungary translation
- Add Hungary po
- YouTubeVideoUrl: update some formats
- YouTubeVideoUrl: set second url_map_str as None
- Add aditional stream videos formats - This should fix for example 1080p playback.
- YouTubeVideoUrl: parse player_url if format URLs are encrypted, thx yan12125