What is new
- Fix Movistar+ EPG 7 days
- Spazemenu changes :[*]Significant improvement in horizontal spazemenu performance.[*]Possibility to use your own icons in submenus and with your prefered dimension (ask in forum if you are interested in this feature)[*]Choice between horizontal OpenSPA menu and enigma2 OpenSPA menu

- Improvements in password changer plugin
- Improvement in manual channels searching (you can search various transponders without exit to main TV screen).
-New features in spaMetrixJR. Added new infobar and channelselection for zzpicons (picons 420x240)
- New OpenSPA zzpicons (available to download from SPA Panel)
- Fixes in skin confluence (FlashOnline, CutListEditor, etc
- Fixes for RTL28xxU in kernel 4.0.1 (Zgemma, Gigablue, ********, Mutant)

User : root
Pass : openspa Download