Latest Bulsat for all EMU Keys OK
Fightbox HD & Da Vinci Learning HD CWs (42°E) New Keys
PowerVu Keys
Astra 4.8°E 12149-H-27500 – 12418-H-27500
DISCOVERY EUROPE Astra 4.8°E 12322 V 27500
Discovery-Networks Thor1°W- 12303-V-27500 + 12380 V 28000 & Astra 4.8°E 12360V 27500
AFN Eutelsat 9.0°E 11766-V-27500 & 11804-V-27500
[TELEIPPICA-1] Eutelsat 16.0°E 12699-H-9880 // (Teleippica)
TELEIPPICA-2] Eutelsat 16.0°E 12654-H-11111 // (Teleippica)
TLC Balkans ) Thor 1°W -12380-V-28000 //
- SIS-Live (4.8E) - active ECMKey
- Discovery Europe (4.8E) - new valid ECMKey
- Discovery Networks (4.8E & 0.8W) - new valid ECMKey
- HBO, Cinemax (4W) - active ECMKey
and more.....

this mcaskey opens fast all the power vu for edision ,if you wanna update new keys only from the key edit from your sat receiver.
please don't put biss keys with the same freq power vu. everybody upload firms,mcaskey an do the same wrong thing.