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    a fixed dish

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    a fixed dish Empty a fixed dish

    Post by JL.SM Fri Jun 24, 2016 11:50 pm

    a fixed dish Parabole

    Choosing your antenna is made, you need to install and especially the point correctly. We discuss here the case of a fixed antenna, which may include one or two heads (or more antennas for multi feed), commonly known as LNB or converters.

    ParaboleLes many handymen themselves wish to achieve the installation of an antenna: it is quite possible, since it is actually a "minimal manual". Two distinct phases are to achieve: the strong attachment of the antenna, for we must never forget the security aspect, then its correct orientation, that is to say, his score. A qualified installer should normally be provided with tools and a measuring device enabling it to carry out its installation both quickly and efficiently. This device is a "field meter / spectrum analyzer," adapted to the frequencies used in satellite reception; a monitor used to display on site the quality of the received signal and possibly to monitor.

    Recall that for owners of single-family home, it is not necessary to install a satellite receiving antenna at the highest point of a home, that is to say, on a roof or chimney: just Besides thinking about the alterations that can cause combustion products if the chimney is active ... but also of the wind
    It is however the case that solution is only possible if the following considerations are met only on the roof. All geostationary telecommunications satellites are approximately 36,000 kilometers above the Equator, that is to say, for most readers who are in the northern hemisphere to the south. We must be able to "see" the South from the point where the antenna must be installed with a mean clearance of greater than about 30 degrees from horizontal.

    a fixed dish Sud
    We must also think of the bond length coaxial cable with the terminal. Experience shows that it can reach 30 to 40 meters, provided you use a coaxial cable of good quality. handyman talents must speak, because you have to install a vertical stand that can support without damage the antenna gained. The verticality of the mast must be very careful, especially when it comes to a motorized antenna. For this, you aidez- a plumb line or a spirit level. By respecting this point, it will be easier to use the scales that exist on many frames. If the installation point chosen is available, it will be totally recommended for the antenna adjustment, provided in the vicinity and visibly, a TV connected to the terminal. In this case, simply connect the LNB to the receiver, with the final length of cable, to avoid unpleasant surprises. A picture or a reception that was "good" with 2 meters of cable is not necessarily to 40 meters. If this provision is not possible, it will remain a witness in front of the TV, to ensure that this image corresponds to the desired satellite.

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