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    Satellite Dish size guide for UK & Europe

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    Satellite Dish size guide for UK & Europe Empty Satellite Dish size guide for UK & Europe

    Post by JL.SM Sun Apr 24, 2016 4:45 pm

    jocolor jocolor

    Dish size Guide for South East England Satellite reception,

    January 2012 Compiled by William-1

    Only Satellites with a Footprint in England & Wales included in this list,

    This guide is for the England,Wales,& can be used as a guide for France,Netherlands,Belgium,& Germany as these Countries are at the centre of most of the footprints in this guide,

    Scotland,N Ireland,Irish Republic,Nordic Countries,& Eastern Europe will need a bigger dish size approx 30 to 40% larger to receive these satellites as strong as in the South East of England but it will give you an even better idea if you check out the satellite footprints here

    This guide is based on an 0.2 dB Lnb with all dish sizes,

    Intelsat-7 & 10 ---------------------68.5 east 100cm
    Intelsat-902 -------------------------62 east 80cm
    NSS-12 -------------------------------57 east 80cm

    Satellites received here in Essex 53 east to 45 west

    Express AM-22 --------------------53 east 80cm --------------{No reception for 12.500 to 12.750 Middle East Spot beam}
    Yahsat 1A ---------------------------52.5 east 70cm European beam now active,
    Eutelsat W2M----------------------48 east 80cm (Testing)
    Intelsat-12 ---------------------------45 east 70 cm
    Turksat 2A & 3A east -------------80cm for west beam reception
    Turksat 2A & 3A east the UK is too far outside the intended service area of Turksat 42 east " East beam " no reliable reception in the UK.
    HellaSat-2 ----------------------------39east---- 60cm to 80cm......this is for Europe beams only,
    Eutelsat -W-7------------------------36east -----100cm reception only for European beam---Reception difficult in the UK from Eutelsat W4 & W7 beams to Russia & South Africa,180cm on some African beams reported,
    Eurobird-3 -----------------------------33.2 east ----100cm {It is Not possible to receive services from Eastern Europe beams in UK}
    Astra-1G -------------------------------31.5 east -----No reception in the UK,..........(West & East Beams serve Central & Eastern Europe only, 60 to 80 cm dish),
    Arabsat 5A ---------------------------30.5 east C band 150 to 240cm in the UK
    Astra---2 A- B-& Eurobird-1------28.2 / 28.5-----45cm to 60cm.
    Astra 2D-Astra-1N ------------------28.2----45cm to 60cm---new tighter beams for UK on 1N for FreeSat will make reception difficult in Southern Europe (Spain & Greece)
    Badr- 4 ----------------------------------26---100cm to 120cm---************ South UK----- 120 to 180cm...<<<<< North UK
    Badr-5 & 6 @ 26 east {There is no reception on Badr-5 & 6 in the UK with the new tight beam (180cm reception has been reported on the Isle of Wight)
    Eurobird-2 @ 25.5 east } No reception with 100cm dish in the UK
    Astra--3A*,3B-----------------------23.5 ---80 to 90cm --------------------------120 *further West & North an even bigger dish required {some spot beams cannot be received in the UK}
    Eutelsat-W-6 -----------------------21.6 ----100 to 120 cm
    Arabsat 2B,2C --------------------20 east 120cm for C band in Southern England
    Astra-1- H, KR,1L,1M, 2C------19.2 ------50cm -------.------------------60cm.
    Eutelsat W3C ---------------------16 east ----60cm Central Europe inc UK
    Hotbird--6--8 & 9 -----------------13---------50cm to 60cm. (Hotbird-10 is to replace one of these satellite within the next 8 weeks the spare satellite will move to a new location)
    Eutelsat-W2A----------------------10 -------100 to 120cm {some transmissions can be received on a 80cm dish}
    Eurobird-9A -------------------------9 --------60cm
    Eutelsat-W3A ---------------------7 ---------80cm
    Astra 4A------------------------------4.8 east ---120cm Nordic beam (UK is outside intended service area)
    Astra 4A -----------------------------4.8 --------80cm European beam,
    Eutelsat 3C ------------------------3.2 east....80cm
    Thor-5 & 6 -------------------------0.8 west --80 cm European beam
    Thor-5 & 6 -------------------------0.8 ---------100 cm for Nordic beam in South East England
    Intelsat-10-02 --------------------1 west ---80cm
    Amos-2 & 3------------------------4 west ---100cm no reliable service in UK as we are not inside the intended service area,
    AtlanticBird-3 ---------------------5 west ----80cm.
    Nilesat-101,102 -------------------7 ---------100 to 150cm for some vertical transponder's for Horizontal Tp's 240cm + but no reliable reception possible in the UK as we are well outside the service area for this satellite,best reception is on the South coast of the UK,
    Nilesat 201 -------------------------7 west { no reception with 100cm dish}
    AtlanticBird-7 ----------------------7.3 west----100cm South East England
    AtlanticBird-2 ----------------------8 --------------80cm.
    AtlanticBird-1 ----------------------12.5 ----------80cm
    Telstar-12 ---------------------------15 -------- 90cm
    Intelsat-901 -------------------------18 --------100cm
    NSS-7 ---------------------------------22 ------- 100cm (SES 4 (NSS 14) with 52 C - 72 Ku will replace NSS-7 early 2012)
    Intelsat-905 --------------------------24.5 ------80cm
    Intelsat-907 --------------------------27.5 ------80cm
    Hispasat 1C,1D & 1E -------------------30------80cm to 100cm
    Intelsat-903 --------------------------34.5 ------80cm ----(only occasional feeds here not very active)
    Telstar 11N --------------------------37.5 ------80cm -----(Occasional feeds)
    Intelsat-14-----------------------------45.1 ------ 80cm

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